BTS Island: In the SEOM hits 5M users in less than two weeks

There are a total of 7 members of the BTS Army. And they all released the new mobile game a few days ago by the name of BTS Island: In the SEOM. You will be surprised to see that they have crossed 5M users in the first 12 days of release. People showed their love for BTS from all over the world.

BTS Island in the SEOM

As per the media reports, more than 5M people downloaded this BTS Island: In the SEOM game in the first 12 days as this game is available for both Android and IOS users.

The members of the BTS Army designed many things about this BTS Island: In the SEOM game and they are saying that it is a gift from the BTS army to the audience. Fans of BTS received this gift with their heart and showed their love for the BTS army.

Although, this game is for mobile users you can play and download this BTS Island: In the SEOM game on a laptop or desktop with the help of an android emulator. BTS Island is a puzzle game and there are so many other features and tasks available in the game to do for a game player.

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