Bubble Buzz is a new mobile game announced by AviaGames

bubble buzz

AviaGames has announced a new mobile game named Bubble Buzz; previously they developed one of the famous games Bingo Tour. This new mobile game is full of fun and similar to the classic bubble shooter game. If you are a good player in balloon shooting, you can try to skills in Bubble Buzz and have a chance to win real cash.

In Bubble Buzz, you will face competition as the game works in a way, and there are no ads, meaning you can enjoy your game without any disturbance.

Bubble Buzz is straightforward to play; the only task in the game is to hit the bubbles of the same color. You can change the direction with your finger when you are targeting the bubble of the same color.

We recommend targeting that area where you can hit and fall the maximum number of bubbles.

AviaGames are trying hard to enlarge the gaming community, and now this game is available on Apple App Store. Although the cash game will be available soon in some areas, this game is already live in many areas. If the cash game is unavailable in your location, you can still play the accessible version of Bubble Buzz and wait for the cash game availability.

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