Orlando Bloom Joins King of Avalon

orlando bloom joins king of avalon

Orlando Bloom is an English actor who became famous after playing the role of Legolas in Lords of the Rings; now, he joined the video game King of Avalon. We can see him in an ad for the mobile game King of Avalon as an archer.

Although he is not doing just an ad, he will be available in this video mobile game as a character. New players can get this character for FREE in King of Avalon.

King of Avalon is a strategy-based game in which you train and upgrade your dragons and army to fight with other players and try your best to defeat your enemy.

Other Lords of the Rings actors have also promoted the different mobile games like Orlando Bloom is promoting King of Avalon. Now it will be interesting to see how Orlando Bloom’s celebrity image will affect this King of Avalon game. One thing is for sure all the fans of Orlando Bloom will join this game now and ask their friends to play with them.

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