Solar Smash Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

solar smash mod apk

Solar Smash Mod Apk is the best simulation game. So the Solar Smash game surprises the players because of the crazy idea behind the simulation game. Players observe the game’s universe, black holes, planets, and galaxies. Further, the game’s main idea is to find a way to destroy the planet.

VersionRequirementDownloadsRatingOffered By and up100M+4.4Paradyme Games

In this universe, you can kill everything, no matter how big or small. Many planets surround the solar system. So the right players find a way to make a life on this planet. Solar Smash Apk has tools that help you to achieve your goal.

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solar smash apk

Features of Solar Smash

The overall 3D graphics in the Solar Smash Mod Apk is outstanding. So in the game, target the entire planet. You will have a hundred super-heavy weapons to destroy the planet. A few weapons are in your hands, such as giant nuclear missiles, tiny asteroids, and powerful laser weapons.

These weapons are beneficial in the game. You can use a nuclear missile for each piece of the planet. To fight at the same time, use a series of small balls. So the use of weapons is effortless. Due to the 3D graphics, enjoy the destruction.

Hundreds of planets are different from each other in size and shape. Everything appeared in detail, so collecting pictures and documents from many spaces was tough. Further, the players can choose any planet for the target. So each planet burns down by using the same weapons.

Each planet has its beauty, so you don’t want to destroy them. At the same time, weapons such as missiles and leasers cause massive damage. Moreover, these features create great excitement in the game. Players can use the satellite; it will also destroy in one hit.

solar smash mod

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Mod features of Solar Smash

With the unlimited money feature, players can further unlock the planets and destroy them according to their wishes, to see the planet destroyed. So by this, you can change the planet’s area and water so create a new space and destroy them.

If the ads bother you while playing the game, install or download the Solar Smash Mod Apk game on our website without spending actual money and unlock the planet with the unlimited money feature.

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solar smash

How to play Solar Smash?

Players can use various weapons to destroy hundreds of planets. You can eliminate all the planets with the same weapons, but the process of burning each planet is slightly different. The method of the planet’s explosion is prolonged if you want to see the damage inside.

Through the asteroids at the planet’s surface, wait and watch the entire planet’s destruction. You can freely move the view around your planet, select the location you want to destroy, then use the weapon right after. When you use the weapon, you need to spend the resources.

Download Solar Smash Mod Apk (Unlimited Money)

Solar Smash is the world’s best game. However, on our website, you can download the Solar Smash Mod Apk game with all unlimited features and download it with a single click on the button.

solar smash apk mod

How to install Solar Smash Mod Apk?

  1. Download Solar Smash Mod Version.
  2. Install Solar Smash Mod Apk without using the internet/wifi.
  3. Open the installed game and follow the instructions.
  4. Please wait until it installs entirely on your android device.
  5. Open the Solar Smash Mod APK and enjoy unlimited money.


How to install Solar Smash Mod APK?

Follow this simple procedure to install.

Download the Solar Smash Mod App and click to install “Solar Smash” without using the internet/wifi. Open the installer and complete the process.

Is Solar Smash Mod Apk available for PC?

Yes, Solar Smash Mod APK is available for PC. Before playing it on a PC, don’t forget to install the android emulator on your PC.

Is it safe to download the mod version of Solar Smash?

We have verified the Solar Smash Mod APK and its unlimited features. It is working fine, and the antivirus scanned this file to avoid any complications. So yes, it is 100% safe to download.

Final Thoughts

The Solar Smash Mod Apk game player’s primary mission is to destroy the planets. Different weapons in the game will be used to destroy planets. So this won’t be easy and challenging to destroy the planets with our hands. You can quickly shoot the target. The exciting features of the games make them more attractive.

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