The Division Resurgence Mobile Game Release Date

division resurgence

Ubisoft is a publisher of Divison Resurgence mobile game. And now they officially announced the release date. Divison game is an RPG game, and you can play this game solo or with your friends. Division Resurgence is a shooting game with different missions and stories, and all of them have different environments in which you play this game.

Ubisoft introduced the new characters and weapons in Divison Resurgence as compared to the previous version, The Division and The Division 2. However, the official trailer of Divison Resurgence has released.

Although Ubisoft didn’t give the released date yet, it is coming soon. They will release it for Android and IOS, and you can play it for FREE. Players will play this game in New York City, and the duty will be to protect and save the citizens.

You can signup for the Divison Resurgence on the official website to get a chance to participate in official testing.

Another game by Ubisoft by the name of Heartland is in progress, although there is no confirmation about the release date, the experts are saying that we may have it in the first half of next year.

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